A Symphony of Love

I just watched Se7en, the David Fincher film starring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman. And blimey. Not my usual cup of tea, but I just about loved it. Now, I know i'm behind on the times, considering it was released over 13 years ago, but hey, better late than never. So yeah, that's bloody good. I'll be writing a review of that for my magazine.

Other good things today:
It rained a lot. Drizzle is miserable, but when it's properly raining or snowing, it's like being in a film, one where scary stuff happens. Which leads me to the conclusion that all the best horror films feature rain/snow. It's like a prerequisite. I mean, Amityville Horror (old and new); George A .Romero films; The Crow, The Shining, Underworld, The Thing, The Omen, Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street. I could go on. Non-horror good films even often feature rain; Se7en, LOTR, Breakfast at Tiffany's even.

Also good today was my lecture this afternoon on Reality. It instantly made me want to run out and research Descartes and Berkely, and considering I live with a philosopher-in-training, that's saying something. It also made me want to watch the Matrix, so that's probably what I'll be blogging about next time.

I also made a lemon cake this week that was very popular, so I may make another one and take some photographs and put them up.

Things that are rubbish include me not having heating in my flat, the price of books in Borders ( I love being there, but can't afford to buy anything.) and people that go in bookshops to buy coffee and DVDs. There are better things in bookshops (like stationery, ha-ha.)

Today I listened to Liam Frost's new album, Nas and The Royal Philarmonic Orchestra playing Mozart. I also watched True Blood, which gets better every time I watch it. A thrilling Friday all round.

Moz, Buffy and Joss.

For my first blog, I'd like to first state what I've been doing for my magazine for my Journalism section of my degree. So far, this includes writing reviews of my absolute favourite singer, Frank Turner, and his albums and most recent gig in Manchester. (I'm from Manchester, unfortunately, though I am a most proud adopted Scouser.) It also includes NOT writing a review of Morrissey at The Echo Arena, as he didn't bloody play it.

This really annoyed me for many reasons, but the main two are:
1. I really liked Morrissey, and have been to a lot of his gigs and bought all his albums, several tshirts and many magazines, podcasts and newspapers simply because he was in them.
2. He has let some complete twit ruin several thousand people's night, if not weekend.

I do however intend to write an article about the whole idea of rockstars as primadonnas - a strange contradiction in my opinion, as there is nothing LESS rock and/or roll than throwing a hissy fit. I mean, compare what Moz did with what Courtney Love did when some idiot tore off her dress and groped her while she was stage diving: she got back onstage, told him where to go and then launched into "Sassy". Now, I'm definitely not saying Courtney Love is an ideal role model (at least, not any more...) but the point stands: our rock stars should be at least a little resilient. I agree that the act of throwing a drink in the face of a man who has very recently had a heart attack is less than cool, but Moz has done this kind of thing before, and is also better than the act he condescended to acknowledge.

But enough of that, as I'm fairly certain people have had quite enough of the whole subject by this point. I'm going to, possibly belatedly, wax lyrical about Buffy the Vampire Slayer now, so if you aren't a fan, I'd advise leaving this page now.

Still here? Good, I'll begin therefore by telling you, dearest reader, that I'm a fully paid-up geek. I don't mean that in the faux "I like the new star trek film" (though, gosh, I really do) way. I like Sci-Fi, nature documentaries, alphabetising and knowing pointless facts. I also really like the Tudors, though I think my discussion on the variation of documentaries and fictional accounts of that era are best saved for a blog where I've already talked about something a little more interesting to the world wide web.

Anyway, so I recently started buying Buffy the Vampire Slayer (BVS!) on DVD in some lovely boxsets. I have been addicted ever since. I'm currently halfway through season seven (the final season, for all those not in the know) and so far, my favourite season is six. This is mainly because it includes "Once More With Feeling", the wonderfully memorable musical episode. Written by Joss Whedon, it's WELL funny, with really catchy, good songs, as well as, almost unbelievably, a lot of character development without being too OTT emotional. It's brilliant, much like Joss Whedon. He's a brilliant writer, director and producer, having been involved in Serenity, Firefly (one of the best TV shows EVER), Angel, Toy Story and Alien Resurrection. It's like he's an American Russell T. Davies.