busy times

Hi guys, I've been unbelievably busy recently. Frank Turner and Crazy Arm video interviews within the next few days. For now, some lovely rockabilly fashion pages.

What's going on with Jennifer?

A review of Jennifer's Body. I'm not jealous of Megan Fox, I assure you. She's weird looking.

Jennifer’s Body is awful, unsurprisingly. And lack of surprise is why. With a dull, stretched, predictable plot and a handful of underage totty for a cast, it’s actually more entertaining than it should be. The problem is, if it was as entertaining as it should be, you would prefer to gauge your own eyes out.

The basic story goes as follows: nerdy girl and popular girl are best friends. And when I say popular girl, I mean queen jezebel of floozy town herself, Megan Fox. The small town girls go to a bar, which then burns down, killing the people inside, except for the two girls and the band. Megan Fox aka Jennifer then disappears with the band, leaving geeky Needy (yes, that is her name) to walk home alone. Soon after, strange things begin to happen, due to Jennifer’s newly acquired desire for blood. As boys begin to disappear, Needy decides to take action before her boyfriend, Chip, is attacked.

The gore isn’t big enough to make the film a great cheesy horror in the style of Sam Raimi, and not well written enough to make you care about what’s going on, in the style of George A Romero. It’s basically yet another excuse for Megan Fox (now 23) to play a skimpily dressed high school cheerleader. Unfortunately for Jennifer’s Body, you can get pretty girls in cheerleader outfits for free at home, you just Google for them.

You won’t be shocked or surprised at the ending, but if you read this and then proceed to watch it, you deserve to have to wait until the end to find out what happens. Sellout did it so you don’t have to.
This blog is about my new hair, mainly, and how it is very dangerous. Right, so my good friend Katie Ryan (whose blog is lovely), decided to attack my hair with bleach and red hair dye. It wasn’t red enough at first, but it now resembles postbox colour. I like it very much, and have been told several times that it really suits me, but the problem is that it’s affecting my personality. As a fairly nondescript auburn haired girl, I am normally quite shy, blush when people say rude things and, despite loving fashion, tend to dress in skinny jeans and converse.

But in the red hair, I’ve found that I’m dressing in different ways – more cleavage or brighter colours, more belted, classic shapes. I’ve worn heels quite a lot, as well. Therefore, it would seem that redheaded me is an extrovert, as well as being somewhat ruder. It’s really strange how a different hair colour has affected my personality, though Katie, who is something of a hair chameleon, says the same thing – being blonde makes you act more butter-wouldn’t-melt, black hair makes you come over all Bettie Page and saucepot-ish, brown makes you act sweet and nerdy, and red makes you a bit of a siren.

This got me thinking about other ladies with bright red hair, with my immediate thought being of the incomparable April Flores. April is a porn star and model, with amazingggg curves and scarlet hair. She also has a gorgeous sense of style, favouring bright colours, lots of unashamed cleavage and nipped-in waists. Therefore, with me not yet being used to the attention that the hair and newfound filthy sense of humour are bringing me, I’m going to have an April Flores week. I’m going to get dressed up every day, rocking the bright red lipstick and the heels. Luckily, being fivefootnothing means that I can get away with some brilliant heels. Pretty dresses and pinks, reds and florals are where it’s at.

I’ll be posting my photo every day from my twitter, but I’ll put the collection up at the end of the week on here.

The Crazies review

The current trend for remaking cult horror films is making millions for Hollywood. This remake of George A. Romero’s classic 1973 The Crazies is surely no exception. It’s good though. Alongside Pontypool (also reviewed here) and 2008’s Rec., soon to be followed by Rec2 this is horror at its best. This new version of The Crazies is full of moments where you’ll jump so hard you’ll be likely to spill your popcorn, and has some moments of truly gripping, edge-of-your-seat, sweaty palms tension. You’ll find yourself genuinely wondering at some points whether the film is going to end already.

With George A. Romero as executive producer of the remake, and Breck Eisner as the director, it isn’t really surprising that the action is slick and gory, with just the merest hint of comedy. The scares are fast and furious, and the characters incredibly likeable.

The story goes thus: a small town, Ogden Marsh, in North America notices things starting to go wrong – one or two people are acting strangely homicidal, a dead parachutist is found in the local swamp and pretty soon the whole of the town finds itself in quarantine to the prerequisite mysterious, masked military. A healthy dose of bloody, gory violence and a really quite terrifying combination of enemies – the murderous, insane monsters and the menacing, shoot-first army who are supposedly solving the problem, will have you properly frightened.

The town’s sheriff, David Dutton, and his pregnant only-doctor-in-the-town wife Judy make a watchable pair, despite their somewhat saccharine-tinted lives prior to the outbreak. But it is this that makes their characters so three-dimensional and enjoyable once all hell breaks loose. It is how their relationship is so solid and normal that makes the chaos of the outbreak all the more shocking – the bad things that are happening to good people, which are what makes Romero’s work so terrifying and believable.

It is, as all good horror should be, challenging. For every question we have answered, there are more things to ask. It has been said that this is an American 28 Days Later, and it’s impossible to ignore the parallels. Despite this, The Crazies works, not least because the idea came first.