all dressed up with nowhere to go.

I decided to get dressed up and do an outfit post for y'all, as I've not posted this week!

I also wanted to bring up something that's been on my mind recently. That is, whilst I love the rockabilly, retro, 50s look that a lot of plus girls are rocking (like the amazing tangledupinlace!), I think there aren't enough plus girls repping the emo alt look that I like to wear on lazy days when corsets and petticoats aren't really practical.

Also, I don't like the way plus girls get pigeon-holed into that look, because big boobs work with it, and a full skirt 'disguises' a big stomach/bum/thighs/hips. That's nothing against the plus girls who do wear these looks, because it's pretty, femme and I know they aren't all dressing in this way to hide their bodies. Also, it's a pretty expensive look, and whilst, as I say, I'd like to dress like that all the time, it just isn't practical to my purse or lifestyle. That is, I don't have time to do victory rolls every day!

A couple of girls that are great at plus dressing without the retro vibe are;
Carla, of messycarla, who I've mentioned on here before. She wears a laid back and cool blend of kitschy and trendy, and has her finger very much on the pulse of what's in. Not to mention her hair, which is to die for.
Lauren of pocketrocketfashion, who wears pretty and feminine outfits, but has so much attitude that she has a lot of edge to her style. She's great at putting things together that I would never think of.
Christina of musingsofafatshionista, who OWNS the all black not-quite-goth-but-nearly, highly textured thing she's got going on. I like the way she uses shapes that most plus girls would avoid, and how she re-uses things to create something new. Her shoes and jewelry collection too, UNGH.

When I wear this, I go for dark eyes, cool graphic T-shirts and skinny jeans or leggings as the staples of this look, along with a big fringe and a hefty dose of attitude. I like to mix it up on my off days (as they're so few and far between!) and this is one of my favourite looks. I wore this (with flats and a hoodie) yesterday, when the OH and I went for a walk in the countryside and for some delicious pub food.

If I were to wear it out, I would add my gorgeous, futuristic Carvela heels,

and a black tux jacket. I'm a bit head over heels for this Vivienne Westwood number,

but as it doesn't come in my size (or price range!), I'd probably wear this HOH for Debenhams one,

or this ASOS curve one.