A Symphony of Love

I just watched Se7en, the David Fincher film starring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman. And blimey. Not my usual cup of tea, but I just about loved it. Now, I know i'm behind on the times, considering it was released over 13 years ago, but hey, better late than never. So yeah, that's bloody good. I'll be writing a review of that for my magazine.

Other good things today:
It rained a lot. Drizzle is miserable, but when it's properly raining or snowing, it's like being in a film, one where scary stuff happens. Which leads me to the conclusion that all the best horror films feature rain/snow. It's like a prerequisite. I mean, Amityville Horror (old and new); George A .Romero films; The Crow, The Shining, Underworld, The Thing, The Omen, Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street. I could go on. Non-horror good films even often feature rain; Se7en, LOTR, Breakfast at Tiffany's even.

Also good today was my lecture this afternoon on Reality. It instantly made me want to run out and research Descartes and Berkely, and considering I live with a philosopher-in-training, that's saying something. It also made me want to watch the Matrix, so that's probably what I'll be blogging about next time.

I also made a lemon cake this week that was very popular, so I may make another one and take some photographs and put them up.

Things that are rubbish include me not having heating in my flat, the price of books in Borders ( I love being there, but can't afford to buy anything.) and people that go in bookshops to buy coffee and DVDs. There are better things in bookshops (like stationery, ha-ha.)

Today I listened to Liam Frost's new album, Nas and The Royal Philarmonic Orchestra playing Mozart. I also watched True Blood, which gets better every time I watch it. A thrilling Friday all round.

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