venting via shopping

Yeah, so currently I'm annoyed about the fact that some shops refuse to offer larger sizes (american apparel, topshop, urban outfitters et al), which is obviously very annoying. I can see where they're coming from, as they want their clothes to be walking advertisements, and therefore to look their best. If that is the reason some shops refuse to stock larger sizes, why not refuse to sell them to badly dressed people instead? I see plenty of size 10 girls wearing outfits from these shops that have the potential to be lovely, but are worn all wrong and just look awful.

Case in point: all the chavvy girls with bad fake tan and even worse hair wearing a topshop dres that manages to show everything. Or the indietastic girls kitted out in a mix of ugly 80's vintage and Urban Outfitters.

Worse though, is the plus-size token range. The worst culprit for this is Matalan, whose plus size range is heinous. It's tshirts with crappy slogans (choklit>sex LOL, I like kittys loads rofl, etc.), unflattering jogging bottoms or cheap suit trousers and black, black black: I like colour when it's done well.

On the plus side, (pardon the pun), there are some great places. Evans, ASOS Curve, Dorothy Perkins and Tesco all do fairly decent plus size ranges. Here's the best of those four.

ASOS curve:

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