a fresh start

three facts about me:
i'm 22.
i'm female (and as such, a feminist.)
i'm involved in FA. (that's fat acceptance, kids.)

five things that I like:
cooking for people.
my ipad, it's an extension of my arm.
folk and pop-punk.
reading fatshion blogs, like messy carla, la pocket rocket and french for cupcake.
my little house, and decorating it.

this is a fresh start for this blog, and my six promises to you guys (that imma try to keep!) are:
at least six posts a month,
an outfit post at least every week,
lots of twittering and tumblring,
no negative body talk,
a spotify/last fm playlist every month,
response to any feedback - you want more outfit posts and less rambling? let me know!

I'm not very well today, so you have a post of me in my oh-so-classy pjs.

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