Gigs, etc.

This weekend, I went to see The Trestles, an ace Liverpool band who, in the tradition of all the bands I truly love, sang something worth listening to. The lyrics are heartfelt, the tunes are catchy and melodic. I love that sound, like one man with a backing band. The review I wrote, alongside a podcast from Paddy Hoey and some of The Trestle's music can be found on the unrivalled

Other things that happened this week:
I got a pair of Vivienne Westwood shoes for £35.00. They haven't been off my feet, despite snow, rain and having to work my outfits around my footwear.

I made peanut-butter cookies. Pretty damn good.

I organised my vintage photoshoot, which is going to look amazing.

I also finished my Paul Du Noyer interview, which you can see below, you lucky sausages.

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