I'm currently unbelievably stressed, what with money and work and uni and all the rest of it, not to mention the fact that I'm worrying that I've just outgrown all the people I live with, and that we have nothing in common anymore.

Despite all of this, which is basically crap, I've found that three things have the miraculous power of calming. These things are Season Two of the Wire, Johnny Cash (and the Walk the Line soundtrack) and baking. The first two are fine, they don't cost me any more money that I've already spent (Spotify and an impulse purchase of all five series in a boxset) but the third is proving problematic. Basically, I'm not great at baking, I don't have all the equipment I need and the ingredients cost money I currently don't have. But it's so addictive! I think it's because I have to physically wait for something, meaning that I am provided with at least 15 minutes in which I can read the paper, design templates on Quark, dance to country music in my kitchen...anything, really. And the best part is that at the end of it, i have something to show for my 15+ minutes of solitary freedom. The other problem is that I'm not overly fond of cakes and biscuits and stuff, I'd rather have crisps. So I tend to get left with vast amounts of cakes and stuff that my flatmates don't eat either.

That's pretty much all I have for you kids right now.

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