Ok, so I have been more than slacking on the blog front, because I'm more of a twitterer (http://twitter.com/rosannahynes). Today, though, i thought I'd go on an extended talk about
1. Plus size fashion blogs - my newest addiction.
2. Baking as a form of therapy - not a new, but a fervent belief of mine.

Ok, so firstly. As a girl who isn't skinny, but also not bothered by this, I've found that fashion blogs, or at least the famous ones, are written by girls who can fit in sample sizes. The trouble is, I love reading about fashion. I just want to read about fashion I could physically put on. I understand that being overweight isn't healthy, or conventionally attractive, and god knows how I loathe being described as "curvy" "more to love" or "big n' beautiful". To be honest, even typing that made me feel a bit sick. I'm not blogging to change people's perspectives, and I know that if is want to be thin, all I have to do, as a great man once said, is "put down the fucking fork".

But that isn't the point, is it. The point is that I'm healthy, like food and love clothes. That's it. And so, it is nice to read a fashion blog by someone like the amazing Messy Carla, whose street fashion blog is, quite simply, adorable. Her blog, "a fashion blog in a size 16", includes gimme-gimme jewellery, her own inspiring outfits, videos of the latest normal and plus size designers and links to other great blogs. Via her, I found this (http://frenchforcupcake.blogspot.com)this (http://dollface-is-candysweet.blogspot.com), and (my personal favourite) this(http://blog.musingsofafatshionista.com).

Baking is a related issue. I love to bake (even though I'm not terribly good, because it's awesome to create something physical with your hands. Particularly in my third year, where I've been snowed under with work, midnight (often literally) baking is my thereapy of chioce. I think it's partly because I have to wait for it to be ready, which generally gives me 15 minutes of thumb-twiddling in which to read the paper, create a template on quark (it takes me roughly this long to create something publishable these days) or just look out the window, thinking.

It's also nice to have things to give out that don't cost very much - I have something of an acerbic personality, in case you can't tell, and I like to remind people that I'm nice really. Plus, I'm not huge on cakes and biscuits and stuff, so it's a good way to justify buying the ingredients, etc. This week I made kinder egg cookies, which needed considerably more chocolate, but were otherwise tasty and came out kind of like Galettes (buttery french biccies that go well with black coffee). I know that a lot of the boys I know like my baking habit, leading to me getting the nickname "mum". Which is a bit strange, really. I like the french for cupcake (linked above) blog because she has recipies as well as fashion stuff up there.

Here's a link to my twitpic (www.twitpic.com/photos/rosannahynes), where a lot of my page designs are up, and if you give me feedback, you can expect love and baked goods.

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  1. WOW i'm so glad I was browsing the blogs of my newest followers and found this! You are so so sweet, girl and I'm glad you enjoy!
    I'm also pleased you're following Claire's (French For Cupcake) blog - I think she's WAAAAY more fashionable than me! :DD
    We're doing a collaboration post soon, so be sure to look out for that!

    Oh, and PS - one of my favourite bands EVER Zombina And The Skeletones are from Merseyside. They do loads of free gigs around the area, so be sure to check them out :) xxxxxxxxxxxx

    I bake too! My resolution for this year was to learn to do it properly - so I post pictures when I learn something new! :)