Blog Challenge - Day 06!

My favourite superhero & why.

oh golly, you know I've been waiting for this one. We'll kick it off with some brilliant illustrations by Mark Grambau:

Just awesome. It's much easier for me to pick a favourite super-villain: venom. He's exactly what Spider-man could so nearly have become, and for that he wins brownie points in my book, because I've always found spider-man to be a bit self-righteous (especially in the films!)

As for superheroes, I'm going to have to pick two. In comic-book form, it's The Punisher because he's so not what people think a superhero should be - he has no amazing powers, and he has a very twisted view of morality. He's out for revenge, but I think more than that, he enjoys killing, and a in the comics is an interesting examination of why he's the good guy. I was introduced to "the war journals" comic by Jack, and it's one of the darkest reads you'll find.

Non-comic wise, it's definitely Faith of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame. I know she's not technically a hero all the way through, but again, that's what I love about her. She's not what she's supposed to be, and she's the darker side of the slayer image. She's also a lot cooler than Buffy, who I often got quite frustrated with, because she's so self centred. Joss Whedon is an amazing writer though, (I've mentioned this before)and only he could write such flawed, yet strong, women. I liked Faith in the comic book of Season 8 as well, as she really comes into her own as a leader.

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  1. I love comic book heroes! I'm more of a DC girl myself, although Venom is awesome. Really love the illustrations, will have to check out some more of his work.