Tea Parties.

As regular readers will know, I'm a big fan of baking, and so I've decided to put together an image blog post of my favourite things for a tea party. It's quite strange, because my design aesthetic for my own home and pieces I create is really very minimal, so the odd bit of chintzy indulgence usually sends me into dreams of tea dresses and doilies!

This image is from a lovely blog written by Katie.

So, today I'm wearing my beloved floral jersey tea dress from Evans, and this, combined with the amazing cupcakes I made from Cook Yourself Thin, has led to dreams of refined tea parties. This is no alice in wonderland affair though. We're talking fancy ladies, grown up food and cocktails.

Tea party clothes:
OH. I don't post clothes I couldn't wear. I am plus size, therefore all clothes I mention are nessecarily also so, unless otherwise stated. I was recently disappointed after seeing a brilliant tshirt on a supposedly plus-size fashion blog, only to find the largest size the stupid online store stocked was a 14. Which is supposedly XL. Right.

Clothes! I like to combine something really soft and feminine with something tailored to create a sort of sexy librarian look รก la Rachel Weisz in the Mummy (obscure reference I know, but a very good example!)

The food I'd serve would be Nigella's Butterscotch Fruit Fondue, Nigella's Chocolate Cloud Cake, Delicious Magazine's turkey club sandwich, and Jamie Oliver's little "Fried Pizzas"

Cocktails are the Casablanca and the Gin Sling

So! who's coming?

NOTE! I don't own any of these images, they all came from the links with them.

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